Ready, Set, Race!

Join in our series of challenges scatterd around CGF to win some epic prizes! Luckython mayb be its name but it ain’t as random as you think! The more you play, the more chances you have of winning!

Try out the coolest new games such as Beat Saber, Apex Legends, Nintendo Switch and more! Don’t forget to snap photos with one of the raddest gaming rigs around (hint: it moves!). Hang out and chill out with your favourite celebrities at our WELP Tonight and The Singaporean Dream booths!


uDivine Mini Digi Red – worth $1699
Scoot Voucher – worth $500
Adidas Voucher – worth $500
Nintendo Switch – worth $399
Nintendo Switch – worth $399
Playstation 4 – worth $379
G-Story 15inch Portable Gaming Monitor – worth $300
OMEN Sequencer Keyboard – worth $289
Boom 3 Bluetooh Speakers – worth $229
Predator Gaming Headset – worth $189
uVision 3 Eye Massager – worth $169
Logitech G613 – worth $159
OMEN Headset 800 – worth $133
Predator Cestus 300 – worth $129
OMEN Reactor Mouse – worth $126
SGAG goodie Bag – worth $100
xbox Wireless Controller Minecraft Creeper – worth $94
Minecraft Mini Figures Collector Case – worth $74
Game Titan M625 Pro gaming Mouse – worth $42


Luckython consists of 7 different gaming challenges which allow you to earn luckython raffle tickets! The more tickets you collect, the higher your chances of winning (seriously)attractive prizes on the 4th August during the grand draw! WooOOOOoo! 

The 7 gaming activities are as follows:

Beat Saber (Virtual Reality Rhythm Game)

The Singaporean Dream

(Card Game)

Nintendo Switch Gallery (Multiple 1 versus 1 Games)HP Booth – Apex Legends (PC First-Person Shooter Game)Welp Tonight (Live Talk Show with Local Celebrities)NDP Celebrations (Karaoke) Acer Booth – Thronos PUBG (PC First-Person Shooter Game)

Beat Saber – Virtual Reality Rhythm Game

  • You will compete against one foe in 1 of the 2 Beat Saber booths available. 
  • Our friendly referee will pick a song from a bag of music tracks. This is the song you will be competing in!
  • Slash your way to the highest score on hard mode and win 2 tickets while your defeated foe earns 1 ticket. 

The Singaporean Dream – Card Game

  • Sit with up to 6 buddies (actually foes) or join any free seats at the booth to engage in a round of extreme laughter, singlish, and maybe a kallang wave~
  • Friendly SGAG facilitators will be available to teach you how to play the game.
  • Your objective is to collect as many dreams as possible.
  • The person with the most dreams will earn 2 tickets while your defeated frenemies will earn 1 ticket each.
  • Rules will be based on https://thesingaporeandream.com/pages/rulebook

Nintendo Switch Gallery –  1 versus 1 Games

  • Grab a buddy (or not. whatevs) at the booth to engage in friendly competition across 8 different Nintendo Switch game titles.
  • Our friendly referee will determine your fate from a bag filled with 8 different game titles. Whatever is drawn will be the game you and your opponent competes in!
  • Button smash your way to victory and win 2 tickets while your opponent earns 1 ticket.

HP Booth – Apex Legends, PC, First-Person Shooter Game

  • Team up in a trio with two other friends and play a game of APEX LEGENDS on the HP laptops! (or play individually, we’re cool and flexible that way.)
  • Finish the game to win tickets based on your team placement!

20th to 10th position = 1 ticket, 9th to 5th = 2 tickets, 4th to 2nd = 3 tickets and 1st position = 5 tickets

WELP Tonight – Live Streamed Talk Show with Local Celebrities

  • Earn tickets at our WELP Tonight booth 4 ways!
  • Like / Follow WELP Tonight’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch to earn 1 ticket.
  • Chillout at the booth and play the various mini-games such as Jack Box Party Pack (think Trivia but better)! This gets you 1 ticket.
  • Take a photo (#selfie, am I right.) at the WELP Tonight set, upload it on social media and hashtag CampusGameFest and WELPTonight to earn 2 tickets!
  •  Demand Request for a selfie with our host, co-host, or one of the guests present at the booth, upload it on social media and hashtag CampusGameFest and WELPTonight to earn 3 tickets!

Acer Booth Thronos – Player Unknown’s Battleground, PC, First-Person Shooter Game

  • Enjoy a game of PUBG on your own against 99 others while trying your hands and butt on the coolest gaming setup ever: The Acer Predator Thronos!
  • Win that Chicken Dinner (first place) to get 5 tickets! 
  • 100th to 76th position = 1 ticket, 75th to 51th = 2 tickets, 50th to 26th = 3 tickets,  25th to 2nd = 3 tickets and 1st position = 5 tickets

NDP karaoke Booth (2 pax)

  • Get in the National Day spirit early! Grab some friends to sing and dance to your favourite national day songs.
  •  Sing a full song with your mates (as many as you can manage to squeeze into the booth) to earn 2 tickets each!


  • Keep your raffle tickets with you as you need the unique serial number on it!
  • On the 4th of August at 8.30pm on the main stage, we will start the live draw for the mountain of prizes you will be winning.
  • Once a winning raffle ticket has been chosen on the stage, keep calm and match that unique serial number to your own raffle tickets! 
  • If they match the numbers announced on stage, give yourself a pat on the back because you just won something!